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Gamble With No Trouble in CS:GO

CS:GO gambling has been controversial ever since 2013. Because gambling sites don’t operate under proper regulations, they aren’t considered to be under the current laws on gambling. With this, more players can play freely, regardless of age, and whether or not online gambling is illegal in their country.

Let’s discuss the issue further.

What is CS:GO gambling?

Counter-Strike allows players to acquire skins or finishes for their weapons. These skins are offered in cases, which you can either buy or earn through a random drop in the game. The case can be opened with a key that costs USD 2.49. A key can also be obtained through trade. These cosmetic finishes can be sold on Steam Marketplace for Steam credit. They can also be put up on sale on third-party websites for real money. These skins are even gambled on various sites that require you to deposit your skins and play games before you can have the chance to win.

Why is CS:GO gambling popular?

For one, it’s because the game’s players are increasing by the minute. There are over 10 million CS:GO players around the globe, making it almost as recognized as Dota 2 as an e-sport.

CS:GO’s item drop system is also fair since it allows any player to receive weapon cases and weapon skins at a set interval. These cases offer gun and knife skins, and some skins are very rage compared to others, while some are very common.

How big is CS:GO Gambling?


Last March 2016, it was estimated that over 38 million people visited the site, which is proof that even though skin gambling is a recent development, it has been growing exponentially ever since it was introduced. Want something more surprising? Nearly USD 7.4B out of the USD 8B sale from e-sports gambling were from skin gambling, that means only about USD 600M were gambled through cash. That’s how big Skin Gambling is.

How should I gamble then?

csgo gambling

Well, the first thing to check the gambling site. Is it trusted by many? Does it even look like it isn’t a scam? Remember to play and bet only on the sites that have been tried and tested by CSGO Totem. Trust this site and your gambling life will be a-ok.

Secondly, be sure you’re not a minor. Third-party sites will receive more criticisms if more and more players aged less than 18 years gamble. You wouldn’t want the best and most trusted sites to be closed even before you turn 18, would you? While you’re still a minor, enjoy playing the game without gambling. It’ll be safer if you wait. Trust me.