7 Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity in Your Daily Life

bike commute

On busy days, the struggle to squeeze in a good workout is much too real. But as challenging as it may seem, getting the exercise you need is something that you can do regardless of how busy your day gets. Here are some of the many ways to sneak in some exercise and get active in your daily life.

  1. Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier and spend 10-20 minutes stretching or doing some exercises that you can do anywhere at home.
  2. Use public transportation like buses or trains that will allow you to travel more on foot on the way to and from your destinations.
  3. Ride a bike to work or to places you can easily reach on two wheels.
  4. Choose a parking spot farthest from the building or area you are going and walk to cover the remaining distance.
  5. Keep a pair of walking or running shoes under your desk at work. Lace up your shoes and head out for a walk or a quick run before having lunch.
  6. Take the stairs.
  7. Wind down by taking a stroll and getting some fresh air before you hit the bed.