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5 Things You Can Do Today To Eat Healthier

If you are planning on improving your diet, now is always a good time to start. Making the necessary changes to start eating healthy does not have to be complicated. Today is a good time to start and here are just some of the things you can do to eat your way to better health.

1. Take an honest look at your food choices and eating habits. Mindless eating takes on many forms. And one of which would not taking the time to really examine the quality of their daily diet. If you want to build better eating habits, take a look at the food you have at home. If your diet consists mostly of processed foods, you can start making small changes by cutting down on food made with refined sugars or any artificial or unhealthy low-nutrient ingredients.

2. Never skip a meal. Busy or not, you have to take time to eat regular meals. If you are in a habit of skipping or rushing through breakfast, consider making small tweaks in your everyday routine. Wake up earlier to give you ample time to prepare breakfast. Or you can come up with a list of nutritious easy-to-prepare breakfasts. You might be surprise to how quickly you can make some of the delicious and healthiest breakfasts.

3. Stash some healthy snacks in your work desk. Making some changes on your snacking habits helps in getting you started on the eating right track. You can stash more nutritious treats like almonds, dried fruits, and granola bars. You can also bring your own snacks like apples or grapes, crackers, nut butter, and more.

4. Make your meal more colorful. Adding more vegetables in your diet adds more color on your plate. Eat less red meat or look for other plant-based proteins that you can pick as substitute. Know your healthy fats and carbohydrates. The key is to keep your meal as balanced as possible.

5. Hydrate without the unwanted calories. Water is always the best choice. But if you want something more flavorful, you can infuse it with fruits like lemon. Or you can choose beverages like unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice and tea.

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One way to stay fit is to have an active lifestyle. To get moving in the gym may not sound so pleasing to some of us. This is the reason why this article exists. This article will prove to you that using your wood planer can also be a form of exercise.

To get to the bottom of this, let’s check out how this handyman tool is used.

Step 1: Inspect the Planer

WEN-6550-300x262Checking whether your portable planer is ready or not is already a mental and physical exercise. You need to walk around it, thoroughly clean it if it needs cleaning, assembling it, disassembling it, replacing the blade with a new one. All these activities require you to move.

Step 2: Organize the Workbench

Of course, you also have to hold the wood planer snugly and comfortably by both its front and back grip knobs. Adjust it so that your right hand will be at the back of the planer and while your left would guide the front. That’s if you’re a right-handed person. Otherwise, set the planer and the workbench so that your left hand would be at the back of the planer.

Step 3: Choose the Board to be Planed

Don’t stop moving yet! You still have to carefully check the board you want to plane. Ensure it’s ready for planing. Are there knots? Warps? Lumps? Knotholes? Signs of dry rot? Remember to select only the boards with straight grains and little flaws for planing.

Step 4: Fix the Board to the Workbench

Secure the chosen board using the vise grip or the adjustable clamp on your workbench to prevent any injury. Wear eye protection before switching on your planer.

Step 5: Identify the Location of the First Cut


Still think using a wood planer isn’t a workout? Wait till you have to tilt the planer slightly forward to bring its blade into contact with the board surface! You’ll need to have correct balance when doing this step. Remember to push firmly with straight forearms and wrists in order to move the planer along. Just peel a fine strip of wood off the board. Use your legs and your lower body too! They can help you exert force forward and upward while moving the planer. But don’t strain your lower back by bending at the waist to push.

Step 6: Examine the Board Surface

After each cut, inspect the surface of the board to make sure it looks exactly like how you wish to plane it. Continue planning until you’re contented. Enhance the texture of the board by using various grits of sandpaper.

That’s it! Obviously, using a wood planer is an excellent way to get moving!



Admit it or not, work can truly be daunting sometimes. Aside from the fact that you have to deal with a bunch of reports every single day, you also have to be patient enough to deal with any other responsibilities you may have such as when you’re one of the managers leading a new group of employees and even more so when you’re directly working for the big boss in your company.

Thus, it’s not surprising anymore for some people to consider having a dose of marijuana – and no, not for the reason you think they may have.

Because despite it being tagged by the entire world as dangerous from ever since one could remember, the fact remains that is also one of the world’s most useful drugs – with applications that is not just limited for one type of industry such as that when it comes to health and fitness or even what you can find on

Furthermore, marijuana can benefit you at work by:


Helping You Improve Your Feelings, No Matter How Hectic Your Tasks Can Be

This especially goes for those who constantly find themselves under the heat of their overwhelming to-do’s for the day, as well as for those who always have trouble controlling their emotions once the stress of what they’re doing totally routs every bit of sanity they have in store for the day. Thanks to marijuana’s natural antioxidants and its ability to boost one’s dopamine levels, your feelings will definitely be improved a whole lot – to the point where you’ll be able to do more than what you needed to do simply because of your happy hormones and the way they work their functions inside of you.

Helping You Improve Your Thoughts, No Matter How Frantic Your Tasks Can Be

Let’s face it. There comes a point in life where our minds would just go suddenly blank. But when this happens when we’re in the midst of doing something we have to finish by the end of the day, it can be quite daunting. Luckily, marijuana can help you with this kind of woe with its own line of brain stimulators – and yes, which are not just great for when you need that extra nudge at the back of your mind, but also when you are looking to unleash more of your creative potential and make all your ideas into a reality.

How about you? How do you think marijuana can benefit you at work?

Share with us what you think and marijuana as a whole in the comments section below!

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Gamble With No Trouble in CS:GO

CS:GO gambling has been controversial ever since 2013. Because gambling sites don’t operate under proper regulations, they aren’t considered to be under the current laws on gambling. With this, more players can play freely, regardless of age, and whether or not online gambling is illegal in their country.

Let’s discuss the issue further.

What is CS:GO gambling?

Counter-Strike allows players to acquire skins or finishes for their weapons. These skins are offered in cases, which you can either buy or earn through a random drop in the game. The case can be opened with a key that costs USD 2.49. A key can also be obtained through trade. These cosmetic finishes can be sold on Steam Marketplace for Steam credit. They can also be put up on sale on third-party websites for real money. These skins are even gambled on various sites that require you to deposit your skins and play games before you can have the chance to win.

Why is CS:GO gambling popular?

For one, it’s because the game’s players are increasing by the minute. There are over 10 million CS:GO players around the globe, making it almost as recognized as Dota 2 as an e-sport.

CS:GO’s item drop system is also fair since it allows any player to receive weapon cases and weapon skins at a set interval. These cases offer gun and knife skins, and some skins are very rage compared to others, while some are very common.

How big is CS:GO Gambling?


Last March 2016, it was estimated that over 38 million people visited the site, which is proof that even though skin gambling is a recent development, it has been growing exponentially ever since it was introduced. Want something more surprising? Nearly USD 7.4B out of the USD 8B sale from e-sports gambling were from skin gambling, that means only about USD 600M were gambled through cash. That’s how big Skin Gambling is.

How should I gamble then?

csgo gambling

Well, the first thing to check the gambling site. Is it trusted by many? Does it even look like it isn’t a scam? Remember to play and bet only on the sites that have been tried and tested by CSGO Totem. Trust this site and your gambling life will be a-ok.

Secondly, be sure you’re not a minor. Third-party sites will receive more criticisms if more and more players aged less than 18 years gamble. You wouldn’t want the best and most trusted sites to be closed even before you turn 18, would you? While you’re still a minor, enjoy playing the game without gambling. It’ll be safer if you wait. Trust me.

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Staying on the Healthy Diet Track

Despite your best plans and intentions, you will find that making a healthy diet stick can be tough at times. The wanting to do it part is the easiest stage. The rest is up to your resolve to follow-through with your goals. Most times, it would require behavior and lifestyle changes that would initially seem daunting. On the upside, it does get easier over time. And here are just some of the things that can help you along the way.

Keep the benefits in mind. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to eat healthily. Think about all the good it can do to you like keeping a healthy weight and lowering the risks of weight-related diseases.

Curb emotional and impulse eating. Emotions can make you crave for food even when you are not really hungry. Think first if you are really hungry or just trying to relieve stress and ease difficult emotions by turning to your comfort foods.

Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water is essential for good health. It also makes you feel fuller thus helping you avoid giving in to your cravings. You can minimize snacking and avoid overeating when you drink more water instead of reaching out to whatever food you have at hand.

Plan your meals and snacks. Having a healthy food plan makes it easier for you to choose nutritious options when restocking your pantry and refrigerator. You can create weekly meal plans and prepare nutritious snacks like frozen yogurt bites with granola that you can easily grab if needed.

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6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Moving

The lack of physical activity, if left unchecked for long periods of time, will eventually take its toll on your health and wellbeing. But if you think you are too busy to get active and maintain a fitness routine, think again! Now is a good time as any make small changes that will help you to take better care of your health. Here are some of the everyday things you can do to get moving.

  1. Spend at least thirty minutes a day doing household chores. You can burn some calories doing some active chores around the house. Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor. Move the furniture to clean hard-to-reach parts or surfaces. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your house not only give you good reasons to incorporate physical activity in your day. It also keeps your home in tip-top shape.
  1. Grow a garden or keep your lawn well-maintained. Gardening is another excellent form of exercise that you can do every day. It is also a type of activity that can be therapeutic and rejuvenating. Or you can spend at least a few minutes each day mowing or maintaining your lawn.
  1. Prepare food from scratch. Cooking your own is not only a great way to make something tasty and healthy to eat. It also keeps you on your feet longer than heating a meal in the microwave.
  1. Stretch your muscles. Stretching improves flexibility. Making it part of your daily routines can help in relieving back pain or boosting your energy when you are feeling tired or sluggish.
  1. Spend less time sitting down. Standing up for at least thirty minutes a day can burn more than 50 calories. It may seem like a small number, but if you add up the total amount of time you spend standing up than sitting down, you will be burning more than you would doing nothing.
  1. Walk. Walking is an activity that you can do almost everywhere and at any time. You can start slow. Count the number of steps you have walked each day. If you can, walk instead of driving to the nearest shop when you need to buy something. If you take the bus or subway to work, get off a few stations away from your destination then travel on foot the rest of the way.